Brief reviews and comparisons of vegan supermarket food

There is now a huge amount of vegan food available across UK supermarkets. Here, I will try to give you an idea of the good, the bad and the ugly, for every type of food. This is an ongoing list, so it will be updated over time.

I will try to list the products in order of preference



  • Moving Mountains (Waitrose): Excellent, really burger-like. Lisa’s favourite burger. It’s also my joint favourite, along with…
  • Beyond Burger (Tesco, Waitrose): To me, just as good as Moving Mountains. Fantastic. These two burgers are by far the best you can get.

Not bad

  • Linda McCartney (most supermarkets): Make sure you don’t get the mozzarrella burger, which contains chese (duh!) but comes in very similar packaging.
  • No Bull / Iceland own brand
  • Aldi’s Ultimate Burger


  • Waitrose own brand
  • Move Over Meat (also Waitrose?)



  • Pure Oaty gluten-free oat milk: I buy this because it’s local — the oats are grown and the milk is made within 20 miles of my house. I buy it from Cambridge Juice Company, where it works out at £1.25 / litre, which is good value, though you have to buy a six-carton pack. It’s also available in Holland & Barrett and some other places. It’s also great in coffee!
  • Alpro soya milk: Lisa’s favourite, which she puts in everything. It doesn’t curdle in tea — apparently that’s a thing for some other milks
  • Mylk, whole: I really like this, though it has an interesting taste that not everyone will love. It’s made from coconut and a few other things. Doesn’t work well in coffee, though a barista-friendly version exists.
  • Oatly, whole: Another one I love. Extremely creamy. Possibly my favourite, though it’s more expensive. Works well in coffee. Again, there’s a barista-friendly version, but I’m not sure it’s needed.

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