Useful info

Non-vegan things that you can buy in vegan form 

  • Ice cream (Favourite: Swedish Glace. Also see Ben & Jerry)
  • Sausages (Favourite: Linda McCartney Original)
  • Cheese (Favourites: Sainsbury’s Cheddar, Cheddar with Caramelized Onion, Soft Cheese)
  • Haggis (Favourite: McSween’s)
  • Beef strips (Favourite: Fry’s)
  • Beer, wine and cider: Go to Barnivore to check specific brands. Calm doon, spirits are vegan. What makes booze not vegan? It gets filtered through the bladders of fish. Boke.


Vegan stuff that’s no a fruit, vegetable, grain or a bean

  • Popcorn
  • Crisps (most)
  • Tortilla chips
  • Salsa
  • Hummus
  • Almost all bread — regular loaves, pitas, flatbread, wraps…
  • Oreos (aye really)
  • Cereal (most)
  • Hobnobs
  • Ginger nuts
  • Peanut butter
  • Oven chips, yasss
  • Potato wedges
  • All nuts
  • Dark chocolate
  • All spirits — rum, gin, vodka…
  • Almost all baking ingredients — flour, sugar, oil, golden syrup, aw that stuff


Easy vegan switches

First off: Use non-dairy milk instead of cow milk — it’s in the same part of the supermarket! How easy is that?! There’s loads of different kinds — soya, rice, oat, cashew, hazelnut, and so on — as well as different brands, so check out a few and see whit ye like. I use Oatly because I eat loads of porridge.

Other substitutions

Shortening: Coconut oil, unflavoured.

Butter: Oil or margarine. I like Koko and Vitalite.

Mince / ground beef: Bulgur wheat.


Unusual ingredients

Tofu: Comes in two main types: firm and silken. They are very different! Firm tofu is a solid block, which is generally cut up and added to a dish. Silken tofu is very soft, and is generally blended up into a thick liquid to make things like salad dressing or mousse.

Tempeh: Made from soya beans like tofu, but has been fermented. Can be sliced up and fried, normally after marinating. Apparently it’s one of those love-it-or-hate-it foods, which I find surprising because I think it’s amazing.

Seitan: A versatile meat substitute, made from wheat gluten. Lends its name to hallowed fast food place Temple of Seitan.

Nutritional yeast: Great ingredient, unfortunate name. It comes in soft flakes, like sea salt, and gives food a cheesy, savoury taste. I use it in things like cheese sauce (doy), sprinkled on veg just before serving, and in mash.


Non-vegan specific info


1 TBs = 3 tsps

1/8 cup = 2 TBs

1/4 cup = 4 TBs

1/2 cup = 120ml

1 cup = 240ml


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